Accounting API integration

made simple.

Take the easy road when integrating into accounting software.
Use Gyro - the all in one API accounting platform.

Without GYRO

Currently businesses spend lots of their resources to integrate their product into a single accounting software.
This means that potential clients are left out of reach.


GYRO (API) will help eliminate these issues and open businesses to much broader customer segmentand help them grow faster than they would have imagined.



We are Data Neutral i.e., We don’t keep your clients data or use them with third parties, we are just a gateway to help you get the data you need.

We Work for you

We are constantly working to support more accounting software, every time we add a new accounting software to our platform it opens a wide range of clients to your target market.

Direct Connection

You are making the calls and Accounting softwares are still working with your platform directly. We will just route your request to the correct accounting software.

All-in-one accounting platform

One single platform to use to integrate to all of our supported accounting software, no more different API docs or trial & error with them, let us do the hard work.

Data Pagination

GYRO solves the long standing problem of data pagination, offering a new dimension when it comes to ease of data accessibility.


You can set one-time or regular schedules to fetch and update your clients data in your platform.

Fast and Scalable Infrastructure

Async API calls and call-backs and an infrastructure to serve high number of users


We believe the galaxy of clients should be within your grasp regardless of their accounting software.

Gyro provides a single source of integration to solve all your accounting integration woes. Gyro connects to all of your client’s accounting software, without the rocket science.

With GYRO, a FinTech Accounting API platform, there is no need to choose just one accounting platform for the MVP launch.


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